turn against

turn against
1. To use to the injury of
2. To render hostile to
3. To rebel against
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Main Entry:turn

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turn against (or turn someone against)
become (or cause someone to become) hostile toward

public opinion turned against him

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turn against [phrasal verb]
1 a turn against (someone or something) : to stop supporting or being friendly to (someone or something)

The senator eventually turned against the war.

She turned against her best friend.

1 b turn (someone) against (someone) : to cause (someone) to stop being friendly toward (someone)

He tried to turn our friends against us.

2 turn (something) against (someone) : to use (something) in a way that harms (someone)

She started turning my argument against me.

He tried to turn her many years of experience in Washington against her. [=tried to persuade people that her experience was not a good thing]

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Main Entry:turn

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